Inspiratin from Great Scholars

In the statistics class today, the last class before the mid term, Mr. Su digressed again. But to me, those issues are not digression; they are something more important. They are all about sociology: not theories or statistics, but issues viewed and discussed from a sociological eye.

Today, he describes more about his vocation as a sociologist and his passion for knowledge and social welfare. He also mentioned two excellent scholars: Peter Blau and 林南.

Peter Blau is amazing that he was bad at algebra but contributed a lot to statistics and sociology. He was ineloquent but provident. Hope I can read his works as soon as possible.

林南, a distinguished research fellow in Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica and a professor in Duke University. He was one of the students Peter Blau chose after The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 (I use the info from English Wikipedia because the Chinese one is meager and controversial). I am looking forward to his speech tomorrow!


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