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Poverty of What?

I just signed the declaration on
But when I was signing, one thing displeased me.
Therefore, I wrote an email to


I appreciate what you have done, so I just signed the declaration minutes ago.
But, I wrote this email for one important issue.

When I was signing, you ask us to choose Country.
I am a Taiwanese, and the name of my country is either Taiwan, or Republic of China.
Taiwan is different from People’s Republic of China. They are two countries.
I know that China claims that Taiwan is one of their provinces, but actually, that’s not the truth.
China distorts the truth.
Taiwan has independent land, people, government, and sovereignty.
China doesn’t acknowledge Taiwan doesn’t lead to the fact that Taiwan is one province of China.

You may wonder what are the differences of Taiwan and China. Don’t they the same people and both speak Chinese?
Then, please consider the conditions of United States and United Kingdom, of Germany and Austria, of many countries in South America.

Please help the Taiwanese have their own say.
Please help us to have a correct name on the Internet.

If wants to help make poverty history, please also help make poverty of conscience and truth history.
Thank you! Your help will earn much appreciation.

Craig Dillon, a college student from Taiwan


Long Codes to Recode

Gosh, I finally finished the Stata homework of this week.
It’s so troublesome to recode those codes of ISCO, IEPS, SIOPS…

It took me almost 20 hours.
I’d slept only 3 hours last night.
(Actually, “this morning.”)

Just uploaded the file minutes ago, hope it works well.
Time to go to bed.

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Go For It

My thoughts have been drifting for almost half an year.
That almost drives me crazy.
I have to choose one. Which one?

Usually, I think too much, I want to control the whole,
I hesitate, I fear, I wonder whether I could really make it.
I kind of lose the passion and will that I had.

Uncertainty drags my life and time. It’s time to make a decision.
Prof. Su says, “Find your interest and passion.”
Only follow my interest, I can have passion and pleasure,
both needed when I have to work hard.
Also, they push me be the best.

Time Consuming

I am so anxious that I don’t have time to prepare for TOEFL,
to write my SOP, and to search for info of those graduates.

Where has my time been?

I’ve to spend lots of time to study for the lessons this semester.
As Gargantua and Pantagruel, they do consume time so fast,
especially statistics, stata, and economic sociology.

About Economic Sociology

I had read 〈經濟社會學〉,Fred Block,《後工業機會:一個批判性的經濟社會學論述》for a day. It’s difficult at the first time for there are so many terms I am not familiar with. I had to read almost every paragraph twice to get the idea.

But as pages passed, I gradually got it. It’s not that difficult; actually, it’s interesting. Perhaps this is the way I want to go. I am still not sure. But I’m on the way.

The Pursuit of Happyness


Chris Gardner對兒子全心付出,


所謂的American Dream,雖有時被批評為太過理想主義,
但Chris Gardner便是活生生的self-made man,

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