Treasure Island of Austronesian Languages

Taiwan is a hell for languages other than Chinese, English,
 and other foreign languages.
Taiwan is a treasure island when it comes to the origin of
 Austronesian languages.

Austronesian languages contain about 1200 languages,
 belonging to 10 subgroups.
Austronesian languages spoken outside Taiwan are of
 one subgroup, and the other nine subgroups can only be found
 in Taiwan!

It might be my interested subject of further research.

For more detailed info, please see
Linguistics: Taiwan’s gift to the world

Blust’s analysis yields an astonishing pattern. Those 1,200 Austronesian languages fall into ten subgroups, of which nine (containing only 26 languages) are spoken only by the non-Chinese aborigines of the island of Taiwan. The tenth subgroup encompasses all Austronesian languages outside Taiwan, from Madagascar to east Polynesia — all 1,174 of them. It is as if the Indo-European language family consisted of 1,174 closely related Slavic languages, spoken from Britain to Sri Lanka, with all nine other Indo-European language groups — Germanic, Celtic, Hittite, Italic and the rest of them — being confined to Ireland. Previous studies had recognized several distinctive Austronesian language groups on Taiwan, but it had not been appreciated that the number was so high.


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