GRE Score Report

The score of 10/28 GRE can be reported by phone now!
It’s free to make a phone call by Skype, but it costs to hear my   score.
The credit card number is needed for it charges USD $10!
So expensive! 10 dollars to just hear my score.
I’ll wait for the email report.
It should be 8 days from today. Be patient.


2 responses to “GRE Score Report

  • 斐飛

    what’s GRE? English test?!

  • Cyril

    Bingo, GRE is an English test. GRE is the abbreviation of Graduate Record Examinations.
    For those who want to study for a M.A. or a Ph.D in US, GRE is required (some graduates ask for GMAT).
    GRE contains Verbal, Quantitative, Issue writing and Argument writing.

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