備忘用的 ex6.do (Stata)

cd c:\data\

insheet using ex6.txt, clear

*用label data 來為資料檔命名
label data “2003期中考成績”

*用label var 來為變數命名
label var sn “serial number”
label var classyr “年級”
label var gender “性別”
label var depart “科系”
label var h1 “作業一成績”
label var h2 “作業二成績”
label var h3 “作業三成績”
label var h4 “作業四成績”
label var stat “統計成績”
labe var lab “電腦操作成績”

label define gender 1 “male” 0 “female”
label value gender gender

generate female = 1 if gender==0
replace female = 0 if gender==1

label define female 1 “女性” 0 “男性”
label value female female

drop if sn==.


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