Album’s turn

Like blogs, I’ve searched for a perfect online photo sharing service. While using Wretch and Webs-tv, I put my photos on their interior albums. But, I think an independent and stable photo host would be better. In addition, I decided to use Searching for a photo host becomes necessary, a free one.

Flickr is highly recommended, but is offers only 3 sets (albums) and has an upload limit 20mb/month.

Zoto, though no upload limit, but offers 3 albums too. Very slow.

Zorpia has annoying ads.

Zooomr is generous, letting members become pro without fee, but no albums at all.

Therefore, I chose 23hq. A free account can upload 300 photos per month. It offers albums, without limit. It is convenient that I can add notes while uploading. It’s also convenient to rearrange the sequence of photos and albums. But it didn’t offer URLs of photos; thus, I put photos that I use in my blog on Flickr.


3 responses to “Album’s turn

  • Thomas

    Thanks for the nice words.

    The normal quota on 23 is 30 photos per month, the 300 photos the first month is a little gift.

    You can blog photos just the same as flickr – email me if you need help.

  • Cyril

    Hi, Thomas,

    I had used 23hq as my online gallery just till yesterday because I found it has 30photos/month limit. I don’t know the 300 photos is a gift. It’s not convenient that I can only upload 30 per month and what I want is a free album.

    So, I moved to Zooomr. In this article, I said Zooomr doesn’t offer albums, but yesterday I found it does. I am quite satisfied with Zooomr so far that the upload limit is 4GB/month (I became pro without money before) and it supports multiple albums.

    I know how to blog photos by 23hq now, but, any way, I use Zooomr now. Thanks~

  • Cyril

    To Thomas,

    Please see this post
    Zooomr Rocks!

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